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November 2016 - 4th Annual Design Charrette


Design Charrette

Students for The New Urbanism Illinois Chapter is partnering with the West Town Chamber of Commerce to bring you the 4th annual Design Charrette. Students will collaborate in teams for a two-hour, peer-led charrette.  Teams will generate design proposals and develop a strategic plan for a predetermined site while adhering to New Urbanist planning theory.  Come on out and join in! 


Register will be available through this link.


​Wednesday, November 16th

6:00-9:00 pm

Out Cold Marketing Taproom

2848 W Chicago Ave

Chicago, IL 60622


For more information and questions, please email


Students for the New Urbanism -  Illinois Chapter

Students For The New Urbanism Illinois Chapter includes any and all Graduate Programs interested in working together. You will find updates from meetings we have had here. You can also sign up to our mailing list to get updates on future meetings, events, and collaboration opportunities.



Students for The New Urbanism Illinois is a cross disciplinary and intercollegiate platform that bridges the gap between students and places to facilitate community.



Students for The New Urbanism is dedicated to empower people to create vital, healthy, and sustainable communities to demonstrate how the quality of urban environments impact our daily lives.

For more information, questions, and comments please contact us at


Intercollegiate Coalition

University of Illinois at Chicago

Judson University

DePaul University

Northwestern University


Your SNU-IL Leadership Team

Emmanuel Cortes - Managing Leader and Student Representative to CNU-IL Board

University of Illinois at Chicago




If you are interested in committing to an assigned role, think that your skills could be used in a different way to support a certain event, or you would like to be a part of our Chapter Leadership Team, please contact us at

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Now is the time to start making an impact in our graduate school community. We are looking for any and all grad students who demonstrate innovative application of their education.  SNU's wision seeks to embrace multiple disciplines through scholarly collaborations.


The eventes for our Fall semester are Community based.  West Town is our client and SNU will be part of their Outreach and Engagement Process.


FALL Theme:  Community


Part 3: November 2016

Design Charrette:  Western and Chicago Empty Lot


SPRING Theme:  Housing



SUMMER Theme:  Housing



Have an awesome event idea for SNU-IL? Please fill out SNU Event Proposal Template document and send it our way!


September 2016 - New Members Meeting


New Members Meeting

Students for The New Urbanism Illinois Chapter is hosted its first meeting of the 2016-2017 school year on September 9th.  We appreciate those who joined the conversation on how we can work across disciplines to create better, smarter cities.  


Pictures from the meeting will be posted soon!  

November 2015 - Pop-Up Urban Design Studio

In November, the Illinois Chapter of the Students for the New Urbanism, along with event partners, Friends of Cuneo and the Sports Economy School and co-host CNU Illinois, held the third annual Pop-up Urban Design Studio. The participants included more than 20 planning and healthcare students from DePaul, UIC and Loyola who came together in intercollegiate teams for a 90-minute, peer-led charrette. This year's charrette developed renewal strategies for the abandoned Maryville property and Cuneo Hospital in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. The charrette was held at the nearby Clarendon Park Community Center. Melanie Eckner of Friends of Cuneo and Sara Dinges of Uptown United provided feedback on the resulting solutions. Information about the site is available hereResults of the charrette will be available here in early 2016

September 2014 - Pop-Up Urban Design Studio

Along with this year's event co-host, DePaul’s Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development, CNU Illinois and the Illinois Chapter of the Students for the New Urbanism hosted the second annual Pop-up Urban Design Studio enabling planning and design students from DePaul, Judson and UIC to come together in intercollegiate teams for a two-hour, peer-led charrette. This year's charrette developed strategies for the Libby Canning facility brownfield site in Blue Island, Illinois. Information about the charrette site was generously provided by the City of Blue Island and Chicago's Center for Neighborhood Technology and is available here.


Results of the charrette are available here.

September 2013 - Pop-Up Urban Design Studio

​Students from DePaul, Judson, and UIC gathered to create strategic plans for the Barber-Colman factory site in Rockford, Illinois. Representing different fields of study, students collaborated in teams to generate design proposals for the site while adhering to New Urbanist planning theory. The inter-school teams were able to come up with their working plans within a two hour session. Visions included an entertainment hub, an educational community, and an urban-agrarian center. Most importantly, the charrette allowed students from differing fields and colleges to meet, share their knowledge, and learn from each other. Additional information about the charrette and site is here.

Results of the charrette are available here.

March 2013 - Lego Transect Competition

Daniel Englund (right) hunting for "thin red block" while Josh Nieves (center) continues to hoard the buttresses.

This submission represents a landlocked city with each block representing uniquely scaled buildings.

Second prize winner representing a T-2 rural barn with energy efficient technology added. (Note on the whiteboard reads: "In these boxes is my childhood. Please, please, play nicely - Patrick")

This student-led competition focused on using Lego blocks as a tool for micro-scale urbanism. It was up to the individual's discretion to determine the size of their lego module. Some chose to use the lego module to represent brick coursing while others used the module to represent an entire building block. With this in mind, each student was given two rules: represent the idea of an urban transect through the use of lego blocks - and have fun. The two winners were awarded a 3D printed lego block for holding pens/pencils and the top prize was a wood engraved coaster with the city of Florence, Italy etched into it. SNU had many student contributors to help make this event be a success.

Top prize winner Jon Lund with coaster prize and submission representing a T-4 mixed-use retail and housing facade at the street level.

Richard Nichols (right) calmly sifting through the pile of space-legos while Eric Blowers (left) dumps a bin of legos on the table.

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