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As people recognize the shortcomings of conventional growth patterns, New Urbanism offers a way to create enduring places of diversity and character.  People are sending a clear message:  they want vibrant and safe neighborhoods where it is possible to walk to stores, work, schools, and places of worship.  They want better housing and transportation choices and enjoyable public spaces.  They want to feel proud of their communities.

CNU Illinois is working to turn these dreams into reality by offering new solutions for our built environment in our state.  As a member of CNU, you will be our partner in spreading New Urbanism in Illinois.  CNU's respected publications, website, and conference will give you the news and resources you need to achieve your goals and advance your career. 

As a local chapter, CNU Illinois connects you with the latest implementation practices, leaders in the field, and opportunities to work on local initiatives to advance the cause of the Charter for the New Urbanism.  Whether it is through our monthly social gatherings, excursions to completed projects, or annual symposiums, members are staying on top of the latest innovations within the practice.

Learn how to put positive strategies into practice in your community and your business.  Join us as member or pursue sponsorship opportunities and help build the vision.

Membership Benefits


​                  Member Benefits

CNU offers a range for membership levels; learn more about the benefits associated with each level at

We encourage you to join at the Urbanist level, which includes the following benefits:

A discounted Urbanist rate of $125/year is offered to non-profit employees, government workers, and recent (within five years) graduates. 

                        Member Benefits

Joining CNU automatically enrolls you in the Illinois chapter.  Start experiencing the following benefits of connecting with your local peers:

Member Initiative Program


The strength of the New Urbanism movement lies in the expertise of our members. As an organization, CNU aims to harness this expertise through our initiatives and then disseminate new urbanist principles, tools, and techniques. Initiative work is based on tasks that can be completed within a specific timeframe and directly relate to CNU's current strategic goals: Sustainability, Transportation, Regionalism, Affordability, Financing and Entitlements, and Accessibility and Visitability.


If you have an idea for how to overcome a common barrier to the implementation of New Urbanism, CNU has a two-step process for developing new initiatives. The first step is connecting with other members and developing an initiative proposal. The second step is developing an initiative workplan and submitting it to CNU for additional support. Before drafting an initiative proposal, applicants are encouraged to first check the CNU National website for similar initiatives that may already exist and would benefit from additional participation, rather than pursuing a competing initiative.

Do you have an idea for a new iniative? CNU Illinois is your local resource for beginning the Member Initiative process. We can help you connect with other local members who share your interest and can assist you in crafting the initial proposal towards developing the follow-up workplan.


To submit your proposal to CNU Illinois, please review the Member Initiative Proposal Requirements. If you feel that your idea is more relevant in the local context than in the national initiative program, CNU Illinois may be able assist you on a case-by-case basis.

CNU Illinois Annual Sponsorship Opportunities

Alliance - $3,500
Nation - $2,000
Network - $1,000
Region - $500
City -  $300
Neighborhood - $150

Block - $75

Street - $25
Please email CNU Illinois for additional information

CNU Illinois Journal Publications


CNU Illinois 2015 Journal


Did you miss the CNU Illinois Eighth Annual State Conference in 2015? Check out our fully illustrated complete recap. Available here as a free PDF download and soon as a paid hard copy.

CNU Illinois 2014 Journal


Did you miss the CNU Illinois Seventh Annual State Conference in 2014? Check out our fully illustrated complete recap. Available here as a free PDF download and through Amazon as a paid hard copy.

CNU Illinois 2013 Journal


Did you miss the CNU Illinois Sixth Annual State Conference in 2013? Check out our fully illustrated complete recap. Available here as a free PDF download and through Amazon as a paid hard copy.

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