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2017 Award Winners



Flexhouse Oak Park - Campbell Coyle Real Estate

This development, located in the Oak Park Arts District incorporates design elements and placemaking strategies provides a model for other towns and districts looking to fill vacant spaces with non-retail uses.


Argyle Shared Street, Chicago - Site Design Group

As Chicago's first shared street, this project provides an innovative solution to placemaking, economic reviatalization, and promoting public transportation.  

Southeast Neighborhood Master Plan for South Bend, IN  

MGLM Architects

The Southeast Neighborhood Master Plan provided recommendations on how communities can mitigate the effects of a lost employment hub or economic anchor, and provide an incremental approach to smart infrastructure improvements.

Urban Advocate Award - Doug Farr


This award recognizes Doug's exceptional accomplishments in executing and advancing the principles of the Charter for the New Urbanism within the State of Illinois.

2017 Awards Jury

Zach Borders

Katherine Darnstadt

Jon B. DeVries

Bradford Hunt


Each year, CNU-IL awards projects and people that best fulfill and advocate the restructuring of public policy and development practices to support the following principles: neighborhoods should be diverse in use and population; communities should be designed for the pedestrian and transit as well as the car; cities and towns should be shaped by physically defined and universally accessible public spaces and community institutions; urban places should be framed by architecture and landscape design that celebrate local history, climate, ecology, and building practice.

The Urban Citizen Award is an award that recognizes a person or organization for their outstanding implementation of projects, strategies, initiatives or policy changes in the state of Illinois that are in alignment with the principles found within the Charter of the New Urbanism.​​​

Winners are chosen by a jury of distinguished architects, designers, developers, engineers, planners, and scholars.  Projects are submitted representing: the region (metropolis, city, and town); the neighborhood, district, & corridor and lastly; the block, the street, and the building.  

Winners are recognized at the CNU-IL Winter Social in early December. 

Previous CNU Illinois Charter Award Winners

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Award Winners



TLC An Approach to Activate Downtown Rockford (Rockford, IL)  A downtown strategic action plan or a little TLC



The Fulton Market District (Chicago, IL).  Innovative streetscape and urban design for a fast growing neighborhood.


This nomination recognizes how Jacky Grimshaw has helped new urbanism’s influence grow…and how far we have to go. 



Gowanus: From Resilience to Sustainability (Brooklyn, NY).  A plan to bring a neighborhood together on either side of the Gowanus Canal, an old industrial water source and shipping access.

A big thank you to our 2016 Charter Award jury for participating in the award selection process!  Their dedication to their craft, job expertise, and diverse backgrounds continue to improve the integrity of these awards.

2016 Charter Award Jury (from left to right):


Brenda Kiesgen (site design group, ltd.), John Paige (Urban Planning Services, Inc.), and Heather Smith (The Field Foundation of Illinois), Stacey Meekins (Sam Schwartz Engineering, Jury Chair, not pictured) and Katie Daley (Collins Engineers, Inc., Jury Co-Chair, not pictured).

Award Winners



Growing Uptown (Normal, IL)  An update to an existing plan that creates vision for Uptown neighborhood south of the railroad tracks.



Selverhull: Growing a Venerable Winchester in Our Time (Winchester, ENG, UK)  A future development plan that preserves original infrastructure and utilitzes attainable tactics by reinforcing the assets of the city as a path of rejuvenation.



20-28 E Jackson Boulevard (Chicago, IL).  A conversion of two historic office buildings into apartments for college students, and the upgrading of the 3-story Pickwick Stables building. 


Lakeview Lincoln Hub (Chicago, IL)   A plan focusing on promoting walking and biking as reasonable options for everyday trips that is implemented through various strategies.  


2015 Charter Award Jury (from left to right):


Chris Dillion (Campbell Coyle Real Estate), Benet Haller (City of Chicago Planning Dept.), and Karin Miller(YR&G), Jennifer Settle (MGLM Architects, Jury Chair, not pictured), and Stacey Meekins (Sam Schwartz Engineering, Jury Co-Chair, not pictured).


Offering us five decades of civic service to emulate, George Ranney’s career has served as a long-time Trustee to Chicagoland’s most strategic institutions that anchor and innovate the life in our communities.  


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