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Lakeview Lincoln Hub

Chicago, IL


site design group, ltd.


Lakeview Chamber of Commerce


A new installation at the intersection of Lincoln Avenue, Wellington Avenue and Southport Avenue combines traffic calming, pedestrian improvements and public art for this Lakeview neighborhood corridor. This extends to 4 blocks of Lincoln Avenue and builds off of the Lakeview Area Master Plan, utilizing small budget, short-term improvement projects. The intent of the work is act as a temporary intervention until the City of Chicago can do a complete overhaul of the streetscape.  Phase 3 of the project will include interactive gateway kiosks with benches/signage and a book share. Lessons were learned in managing public expectations that judge permanent, large-scale infrastructure redevelopment projects.

The Lakeview Lincoln Hub enveloped a public engagement process and was funded through non-traditional, loca funding sources.  The focal point is intended to be the colorful art installation that masks the bump-outs at each corner that reclaim approximately 5,000 square feet for new seating and landscaping with year round planting.  A major benefit for the pedestrian experience is the reduced crossing time at each crosswalk.  



The art and retrofitting of public space form an indentifiable district, reinforcing community identity and improving the public realm through pedestrian oriented development.  Communities should be designed and built with pedestrian, transit-users, and bicyclists at the forefront of the design process to create comfortable and safe shared spaces.  The more compact roadway is safer and improves a tricky 6-way intersection.

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