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20-28 E. Jackson Boulevard

Chicago, IL


Pappageorge Haymes Partners


CA Ventures

Linn-Mathes, Inc.

MacRostie Historic Advisors, LLC

This project included the conversion of two historic office buildings, originally designed by Marshall & Fox Architects, into apartments for college students, and the upgrading of the 3-story Pickwick Stables building.  Creative planning and careful navigation of regulatory agencies and a tricky construction process were necessary to overcome obstacles of repairing the existing buildings in such a dense urban context.  Revisions to the existing building were also limited due to the landmark status of the buildings.  Due to a limit on egress stairs, the project team elected to connect the structures with a bridge at each floor (see below).



The project includes 124 college apartments, 1,500 square feet of ground floor galleria space, and 12,480 sqaure feet of new restaurant and/or grocery space.  Green roof was added to each structure and an outdoor terrace was included to create additinal amenity space.  The renovation honored the historic legacy of the buildings while maximizing the development opportunity by reactiving the space at the pedestrian level on all facades.  The building improvements also included the reconstruction of a missing 15 feet terra cotta cornice and restoration of the Steger Lobby (below).  The electrical and cooling needs for the building are provided by taking advantage of district energy, which allowed the project to forego the need for large onsite electrical services and a cooling plant.



This adaptive reuse provided contemporary living spaces and needs while maintaining the ideal location near resources, universities, and transit.  The reuse of the existing structure exemplifies the highest form of recycling and sustainability.  The Pickwick Stable renovation also created a unique urban space.  



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