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Selverhull:  Growing a Venerable Winchester in Our Time

Winchester, ENG, UK


Judson University Department of Architecture,  

Advanced Architecture and Urbanism Studio:


Gregory J. Butler

Jonathan Clark

Gavin A. Fleagle

Jared Long

Christopher C. Miller, Ph.D.

Patrick L. Moore

Jonathon Oberheim

Kendall Oliver

Michelle Williams


Scheme A 


This plan proposes two development alternatives that explore reurbanization of the northeast end of Winchester's High Street.  Starting with an extensive study of historic street types and buildings, views down corridors are to be improved and urban morphology to be respected.  The proposals seek to knit the study area back to the high-performing urban fabric to the immediate north.  Each scheme includes three (3) stages.  



Scheme A 

Scheme A includes a new residential square and reduction of volume of speed and traffic on Friarsgate Street. This option Intensifies the activity of St. Georges with the addition of a boutique hotel at the center of a modest square.  City Hall Offices with a square, market and bus station focus are located at the terminus of extended St. George market street.

Scheme B 

Scheme B 

Scheme B eliminates Friarsgate Street and distributes traffic access to St. Georges market street.  This option also intensifies the civic and commercial activity along the St. Georges market street and offers a sequence of properly scaled public places. 




Each scheme reinforces the unique identity of Winchester, taking notes from the historic urban fabric, block types and civic buildings of the city center, and increases the street network connectivity in order to better distribute traffic.  The proposed street profiles support pedestrians by increasing walkability and access to grocery and public places.  The proposed site design utilizes appropriate land use/building types and converts the area to a market district with commercial that is supported by residents within a one quarter mile pedestrian shed.  The proposed residential types maintain the highest density and support diversity of demographic types and commercial spaces.  



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