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What is CNU?

The Congress for the New Urbanism is a national organization dedicated to understanding how the quality of the built environment impacts our daily lives, and applying this knowledge to build vibrant and healthy communities. CNU is the leading organization promoting walkable, mixed-use neighborhood development, sustainable communities, and healthier living conditions.

What is CNU Illinois?

CNU Illinois is a cross-disciplinary network of professionals and advocates working to build strong towns and cities in Illinois. As a local chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU), we seek to implement national best practices to the issues facing our local communities.


What do we stand for?

The principles that embody our organization are defined in the Charter for the New Urbanism. In general, the Charter identifies many of the problems facing communities of all sizes in the US and abroad, and asserts that for each of these problems there is a dysfunction in the built environment that is entirely or partly the cause. The Charter acknowledges that environmental solutions alone will not solve social and economic challenges, but neither can these challenges be solved without a supportive built environment.

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Your CNU Illinois Board of Directors

Executive Committee


Kyle Smith - Chair 2017*

Contact Kyle


Jennifer Settle, LEED AP - Vice Chair of External Affairs 2017*

Contact Jennifer


Michael Kritzman - Vice Chair of Internal Affairs 2017

Contact Michael


Katherine Daley - Secretary

Contact Katherine


Robert Munson - Treasurer

Contact Robert



Board of Directors

Clayton Jirak, LEED Green Associate, CNU-A*

Contact Clayton


Emily Talen

Contact Emily


Gary Scott

Contact Gary


Aly Andrews, AICP, LEED Green Assoc.

Contact Aly


Sawyer Middeleer

Contact Sawyer


Taylor Griggs

Contact Taylor


* Currently serving a second three-year term. Policies require a one-year break after serving two consecutive terms.


Annual Election of Officers and Directors
The process of seeking candidates for election to the board of directors of CNU-IL will begin annually on September 1st. Applications are due November 1st.


The Chair, through available electronic means of communication, will ask for applications from the chapter membership.

An application will be deemed suitable for consideration from any member who:
1. Writes a Letter of Interest to the Board stating one or more reasons

    for their desire to serve on the Board

2. Submits a current Curriculum Vitae
3. Obtains three (3) signatures of other Chapter members
4. Submits a signed copy, acknowledging and accepting the policies set for the CNU Illinois Board Members' Responsibilities.
Those policies are available


Applications shall be submitted electronically to the current Chair. New Board Members will be elected by the majority vote of the current Board of Directors in accordance with the Chapter By-laws.

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