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This is CNU: Vision/Meet/Greet


CNU-IL is excited to announce THIS IS CNU--an event designed to provide an update on the national direction of the organization, as well as set priorities for our local chapter. CNU's new Executive Director and champion for New Urbanism Rick Cole will join the conversation to help us set goals and share insights from other CNU chapters. We'd love to hear from fellow urbanists on topics of importance for CNU-IL's future--we hope to see you there!

The Charter of the Congress for the New Urbanism

The Congress for the New Urbanism views disinvestment in central cities, the spread of placeless sprawl, increasing separation by race and income, environmental deterioration, loss of agricultural lands and wilderness, and the erosion of society’s built heritage as one interrelated community-building challenge.
Read the Charter of the New Urbanism here.

A CNU Journal


Check out the Congress for the New Urbanism 

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